China CCC Certification Services

China CCC Certification Services

NPS Test Laboratory. By following our positive third-party testing, test reports are issued and may be used for CCC certification. Our experts support you on obtaining CCC certificates or renewing your CCC certificate.

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Detailed Information

Technical aspects

Safety+ EMC

Market surveillance




Factory inspection


Sample testing



Five years. Besides the successful factory inspection, annual license fees and e.g. modifications per updated standards are required for maintenance of the Certificate.

Product Scope

Electric Products (12 Categories)

1. Electrical wires and cables

2. Switches for circuits , installation protective and connection devices

3. Low-voltage electrical apparatus

4. Small power motors

5. Power tools

6. Welding machines

7. Household products

8. AV products

9. ITE products

10. Luminaries

11. Telecom terminal products

12. Explosion-proof electrical appliances

Non-Electric Products (9 Categories)

1. Motor vehicles and safety parts

2. Motor vehicle tyres

3. Safety glasses

4. Agricultural machinery

5. Fire protection equipment

6. Security and Protection equipment

7. Decoration products

8. Toys

9. Domestic gas appliances