China SRRC Certification Approval

China SRRC Certification Approval

ChinaSRRCCommitteeApproval for your radio communication equipment

Radio communication equipment intended to be marketed in China requires radio type approval granted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MIIT)’s ‘State Radio Regulation Committee’ (SRRC). Specified equipment samples are tested in designated laboratories according to local Chinese standards. We provide comprehensive services to complete the SRRC application, testing and certification procedure.

The SRRC must be notified of all modifications made to certified products.

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Detailed Information

Technical aspects


Market surveillance




Factory inspection


Sample testing



5 years

Product Scope

The scope of China SRRC approval includes most radio transmitters, such as for radio communication, radio navigation, wireless positioning, radar, remote controller, remote measurement, FM/AM/TV broadcasting. Excluded special wireless transmitters used in radiation electromagnetic wave industry, scientific research, medical field, electrization transmission system, high voltage transmission system and others.

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